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We sing - kutcha edwards

Months ago, myself and a multitude of other singers (including many from Gippsland’s Mass Online Band) were asked to sing as part of Kutcha’s choir on this song and then keep it secret... Man, the keeping it secret bit was hard, but oh so worth it! 

Massive congratulations to Kutcha, the band and everyone else involved - engineer Andy Stewart from The Mill and Luke McNee from Seagrass Films for the cool clip. 

Look carefully to spot the likes of: Archie Roach, Judith Durham, Paul Kelly, Joe Geia, Robert Bundle, Ray Dixon, Buddy Knox, Lisa Miller, Emma Donovan, Darren Middleton, David Bridie, Tracey Miller, Charles Jenkins, Rebecca Barnard, Emily Wurramara, Nhatty Man, Jess Fairfax, Valanga Khoza, Dean Roberts, Colin Matthews, Marcus Satchell, Brett Glover, Khristian Mizzi, Tim O'Brien, Dora Stavrou, Elly Poletti, Mike Hakaraia, Shellie Morris, Deline Briscoe, Mel Pollard, Charlotte Thorpe, Sue Ray, Julitha Ryan, Emma Clay O'Neill, Pierina O'Brien, Dave Arden, Valanga and Andy Khoza, Matt Finlay, Linc Yow Yeh, Cat Canteri, Daniel J. Marquez, John Favaro, Dave Manning, Mark Howard, Clint Wilson, Dale Gannan, Gavin O'Shannassy, Karen Heath, Stuart Anderson, Tim Woodz, Todd Cook, Matthew McQuillen and Warren Clark. 

2020, you have been a strange year! With so many dark clouds surrounding us right now, this is the kind of sunshine we need to bring into the world. ☀️

Never Tear Us Apart - Mass Online Band (INXS cover)

Around 150 musicians with ties to Gippsland came together during isolation in March/April 2020 to keep music alive. This is the result of their combined efforts. 

Created by Brett Glover

Video Editing by Brett Tippet - Spectrum Productions

Mixed by Andy Stewart - The Mill

Mel was honoured to be a featured vocalist.

quarantine (dancing queen parody)


Dancing Queen written by Benny Anderson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Stig Anderson
Performed by ABBA

Quarantine Parody Lyrics written by Mel Pollard
Performed and Recorded by Mel Pollard in Melbourne, Australia
Featuring Raffy & Astley (The Bear)